Welcome Photo Gallery Birthday Party Fireworks Byeeee,,,,

Well Sue - it's here at last, your wait is over.

I thought long and hard about how I could thank you
properly for putting my specky four-eyes picture
in the local paper for my 50th birthday.

Maybe put a picture of a young Sue in the same
local paper - nah, not good enough.

Go country-wide - put your picture in a
National paper - nah, still not good enough.

International, yes, that's it - let's go
worldwide with a gallery of pictures.

So here we are - your very own
World Wide Web
"Happy Birthday Sue"

( At least you can sleep at night now ! ! ! )

HAPPY 50th

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to use the links
at the tops of the pages to explore your Web Site
- along with the rest of the world ! !

Best to work your way across from left to right
- keep a look out for links within some of the pages

It's dangerous stuff and I wont be held responsible
if you venture in - in fact I think I'd better emigrate !

(let the pages finish loading - some are a little slow -
and turn the volume up !)

    Enjoy ! !
Luv Bruv.


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